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Used Robot Sales, Parts, and Service

Used robots at low price

Used Robots at Low Prices
RobotWorx buys and sells used industrial robot systems. We carry a variety of robots for sale, including used Motoman robots, used Fanuc robots,and used Panasonic robots.

The Advantage of Used Robots

The Advantage of Used Robots
Choosing a used robot can cut the price of the robotic system by more than 50%. RobotWorx' complete reconditioning process returns robots to factory condition. Along with our robots for sale, we can also supply robot parts for robotic systems.

basics robot integration

Cutting and Welding with Motoman Automotive Robots
The automotive industry is one of the biggest purchasers of industrial automation, and one of the companies has benefitted greatly from the automation of the automotive industry is Motoman Robotics.

Ohio Manufacturing Month

The Unbeatable Benefits of Refurbished Robots
So, you want to buy a robot for your facility, but you don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it? Then you are in luck! Robotics integrators, like RobotWorx, can provide you ...