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We Buy Used Robots

We pay top dollar for your used robots

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Used Robots Sales, Parts, and Service

Used Robots at Low Prices

RobotWorx buys and sells used industrial robot systems. We carry a variety of robots for sale, including used Motoman robots, used Fanuc robots,and used Panasonic robots.

The Advantage of
Used Robots

Choosing a used robot can cut the price of the robotic system by more than 50%. RobotWorx' complete reconditioning process returns robots to factory condition. Along with our robots for sale, we can also supply robot parts for robotic systems.

Buying a Refurbished Robot

Are you considering automated robotic integration for your company? The sticker shock when shopping for a new robot can be scary.

Staying Ahead of the Competition by Cutting Costs with Used Robots

It’s a fast-paced world out there! If companies want to stay ahead of the competition and within their budget, they should invest in used six-ax...

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Contact Us:740-251-4327

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