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Geneva Mechanisms

A Geneva Mechanism is a gear that rotates constantly in an intermittent rotary motion.  It has 2 wheels; one is called the driver and the other the follower.  The driver is located below the follower and has pins along its outer edge that fit Picture of a geneva mechanisminto the slots of the follower.  As the driver turns its pins enter the slots of the follower, causing movement.  When a pin is not in a slot the Geneva Mechanism is stopped; this creates the sporadic motion.

A Geneva Indexing Mechanism may be used for automating sampling devices, indexing tables in assembly lines, or for changes of EOAT on CNC machines.  These mechanisms are the simplest and least expensive to use out of all motion devices.  They also offer excellent control with a long production life.

There are 3 types of Geneva Mechanisms; these include the popular external and internal mechanisms along with the rare spherical one.  The external Geneva Mechanism is the most popular with the driver wheel adjacent to the follower as they overlap each other.  The internal Geneva Mechanism has the driver fit within the follower, it is also quite common.

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