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Learning to program a robot


Learning to program a robotWhen a manufacturer is considering robot integration for the first time, there may be many daunting things that give them doubts about the process. One of those daunting thoughts may be the amount of training time they believe it will take to get their employees properly trained on these new systems. Fortunately, as many manufacturers learn after their first integration purchases, learning to program a robot is something that can be learned in as little as 1-3 days.

There are several robots available on the market today. Whether you are buying a new or used robot from FANUC, KUKA, ABB or Motoman, there are going to be similarities in the programming, even though most robotics companies do produce their own software. However, if your employees are able to learn the programming for a FANUC robot, then they should also be able to later learn the programming language for any other company’s robot that you may purchase.

These robot operation commands for programming are fairly easy to learn because they are in plain English with commands like “Move to P1 (a general safe position” or “close gripper”. Because of this plain language, most employees can be trained on the programming of these robots with little to no prior experience in robotic programming.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for companies like FANUC, ABB, KUKA and Motoman, offers free training to customers who buy new or used robot systems. We invite up to three employees to our Marion, Ohio facility for training on your system with one of our robot technicians. These fundamentals are easy to grasp, and later take back and teach to your employees.

Are you interested in learning about robot programming, or learning more about what RobotWorx can do to help customize your automation integration project? If so, give us a call today at 740-251-4312.

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