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Mobile robotics – all about the warehouse


mobile robotsWarehouses are huge hollowed out areas that contain shelving or pallets full of product. So, how hard is it for a human to navigate that kind of expanse to fill orders? It is pretty hard – and tedious. That is why mobile robots are big for warehouse environments today.

Mobile robots are those robots that are not fixed to one specific location and are able to move around with more freedom of motion in their environment. While many industrial robots are currently mounted to the floor, wall, a shelf or a track, there are some that are able to move around as they are programmed to perform tasks more efficiently than they were once performed by their manual applications.

Warehouses are the perfect areas for mobile robots to make their debut in the common industrial robot canon. By using robots to move among the pallets and shelving units for order picking, manufacturers are able to ensure a dramatic decrease in worker error when putting a mixed order together. Mobile robots can scan labels to further guarantee proper order picking processes, which reflects well on the company filling the order, as well as keeping the customers satisfied. Satisfied customers mean more business for the company.

Companies like Motoman have developed ways to convert their six-axis robots into more mobile friendly options to keep the machines rolling. Currently, there are carts available that give these robots more freedom of motion, further contributing to better factory and warehouse productivity. It is only a matter of time until more companies begin to follow suit.

While RobotWorx does not currently carry mobile robots, we do carry the full lines of Motoman, FANUC, KUKA and ABB robots, along with controllers, parts and other features. Our staff will work with you to build the perfect system for your order picking or other material handling application.

For more information, contact RobotWorx today at 740-251-4312.

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