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ROBOGUIDE Robot Simulation Software with Virtual Robot Controller


FANUC’s ROBOGUIDE is a robot simulation program that allows users to build and simulate a robotic system using FANUC robot arms. Robotic system integrators and users of industrial robots make use of this program to develop an idea of the system’s cycle times, reach capabilities, and offline programming. A typical simulated robotic workcell will have a FANUC robot arm, end-of-arm-tooling, a workpiece, fixturing to hold the workpiece, and a programmed task.

The ROBOGUIDE software includes the Virtual Robot Controller. This virtual controller is essentially a teach pendant. Users can control the system using this virtual controller or a teach ball. The teach ball is positioned, by default, at the J6 or J4 axis, depending on the type of robot arm. The teach ball can simply be placed where the user would like the robot arm to be and the axes adjust themselves accordingly.

The ROBOGUIDE software comes in several varieties, depending on the application being simulated.

  • HandlingPRO: ROBOGUIDE’s HandlingPRO allows users to simulate material handling tasks virtually. This allows users to save money by not having to build a prototype workcell. Robotic programs can also be developed offline, then plugged in to the robot arm’s controller, further saving time and money.
  • PaintPRO: PaintPRO specifically simulates FANUC’s line of industrial painting and coating robot arms. Offline programming can also be achieved with this version of ROBOGUIDE.
  • PalletPRO and PalletTool: Palletizing robot arms and systems can be built and programmed in the office or offsite with this ROBOGUIDE software. Issues that arise once the system is integrated can be debugged, as well.
  • WeldPRO: Users can plan, build, and automate arc welding applications using WeldPRO. Cycle times can be gauged and reach studies can be performed, saving companies time and money.

RobotWorx uses FANUC’s ROBOGUIDE software daily to design and simulate robotic systems and workcells. Contact RobotWorx today to begin planning and integrating a robotic workcell to automate your application.


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