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Robots that can “sense” their environment


Robot SensorsIndustrial robots have been around manufacturing since the 1960s. When the industrial robot trend really took off in the 1980s, companies began looking for ways to make their robots even better. That is when robots began to have senses, like the sense of sight and touch, which just further improved their application skills.

There are several new and used robots on the market that have senses. The robot touch sense has evolved in several different ways. When robots use touch sensors, they are able to change the force at which they pick up and handle an item based on the item’s level of tolerance. They also have motion sensors that can allow the robot to reduce the speed at which it is moving if it senses that it is going to collide with something, be it a person, another robot or an inanimate object. These sensors boost the level of safety in a shop, as well as decreasing the amount of damage done to a product during the handling process.

Another sense that robotic systems have is the sense of sight. Through a series of cameras and algorithms, robots are able to see the object they are manipulating. They take a picture of the part in front of them. If it matches the programmed algorithm, they will interact with the part, and if it does not match, they will reject the part. Vision sensors also give robots the ability to perform their own quality control, which cuts down on worker error and issues with labeling and damaged goods.

Overall, the new and used robots that have these senses are able to save their companies a lot of money by cutting down on waste and errors. This also ensures that a quality product gets to the consumer, which then boosts the company’s reputation.

Are you in the market for a robot with these type of sensors? If so, you should contact RobotWorx, a certified integrator for ABB, FANUC, Motoman and KUKA robotics. RobotWorx’ staff will assist you in finding the best robot and features for your application, as well as helping you to customize your system to fit your needs.

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