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The flexibility of robotic palletizing systems


Robotic palletizing systemsRobotic palletizing systems are used to accurately and quickly move boxes, totes and other packages to pallets for transportation. These systems improve the speed and precision of end of the line production.

Many robotics companies fabricate robot palletizing systems. One of those companies, Motoman Robotics, has made many different palletizing solutions for a variety of packaging optons, including large bags for feed, powders and grains.

A company approached Motoman about a palletizing robot system that could reduce their direct labor costs, according to the Motoman website. The company made powdered consumer products, and also wanted to improve that safety of their workers from repetitive motion injuries. This palletizing robot system had to be fully automated, and had to be able to flexible enough to handle a variety of bag sizes and weights.

Motoman was able to deliver. They provided the company with a system for robotic palletizing that was highly flexible, the site stated. The system consisted of two Expert Palletizing series cells that each worked two product lines. This robotic palletizing system was able to palletize six bags per minute, per line, for a total of 24 bags per minute for all the lines.

The versatility of the robotic palletizer showed through in the way the bags were picked up in the system. The palletizing robot system was able to pick up a variety of bag sizes at different intervals, meaning that depending on the size of the bag, it could pick up one, two or three bags at a time.

Along with flexibility, the site stated that the robotic palletizing system improved the productivity of the facility, provided tighter, more stable pallets and significantly decreased injuries to laborers. The flexible system met all the goals and requirements set out by the customer, and then some.

RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Motoman Robotics, is also able to build and customize robotic palletizing systems for our customers from the many Motoman Expert Palletizing series robots that are available to us through our partnership.

Our highly-skilled staff works with customers to build palletizing robotic systems that meet their application and facility’s exact specifications. For more information on automating your palletizing system with RobotWorx, contact us today at 740-251-4312.

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