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6 Ways to Save with Used Robotic Arms
Used robotic arms offer a good way to keep costs down while remaining competitive. Low Initial Cost When compared with the prices of newer models, used robotic arms are quite affordable. RobotWorx' used robot arms are sold for 50-60% less than brand new ones.    Unbeatable ROI Low costs and ease of installation, a used robotic arm offer an incredible return on investment (ROI).
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 Reach: 2650mm
 Payload: 210kg
 Reach: 1904mm
 Payload: 3kg
 Reach: 2651mm
 Payload: 165kg
 Reach: 1373mm
 Payload: 6kg

Robotics Industry Growing with Used Robots

Robotics Industry Growing with Used Robots   Robot sales have been increasing over the years, and seem to continue to grow.  In fact, 2012 has reported to be the best year so far in the North American robotics market.  Just 5 years ago, there was around 9,200 robots sales from North American companies.  In 2012, the US orders grew to 22,598 robots with a total worth of $1.48 billion!  However, this is still just the beginning of automation in the overall picture.

Ohio Manufacturing Month Comes to RobotWorx

As a leader in industrial robotic technology and experts in robotic manufacturing, we at RobotWorx were proud to lead two tours through our facility as part of Ohio’s Manufacturing Month. Students from area high schools got a first-hand look at the RobotWorx reconditioning process and saw some industrial robot demonstrating common applications such as arc welding, palletizing, and pick and place.

The 2012 Section 179 Tax Deduction: Saving Thousands on Industrial Equipment

We all like saving money whenever possible. Chances are, that is why you came to our website and why you clicked on this blog! Used robots offer manufacturers automated solutions to any industrial application that a new robot can automate. The only difference is that a used robot will do it for a fraction of the cost.

Industrial Automation: A Simulated Experience

Buying an industrial robot to automate your industrial task is a big deal! RobotWorx understands this, and we want to make automation a smooth, easy process. Our sale professionals are trained to listen to your manufacturing needs and help provide an automated robotic solution for your application. One key tool that we use along the way to an automated robotic system is simulation software.

Big News! NBC 4 News Team Films a Special Report Featuring RobotWorx!

With the official announcement of a new robotic training center, we at RobotWorx had the opportunity to be the center of an NBC 4 news story! The news team was in Marion, Ohio on April 9th for the official announcement from Tri-Rivers Career Center, Marion Technical College, and The Ohio State University at Marion that ground will be broken for a new, state-of-the-art industrial robotics-training center.

Getting Rid of Some Used Robots? Call Us!

Whether you are upgrading an existing industrial robot line, have surplus robots, or are closing up shop, we at RobotWorx are interested in buying your used robots! Our acquisitions department works hard to find the industrial robot arms that our customers want. No matter what condition your used robots are in, we’d love to have a chance to look at them! We put the used robots we buy through a 168-point inspection, fixing and replacing parts until the robot performs like new.

FANUC R-2000iA/165F Robot Arms For Sale!

We’ve told you why you should use industrial robots in your facility. You know that they are proven to improve cycle times. You know that the quality of your parts will improve after robotic integration. You know industrial robots come with many safety features including light curtains, axis brakes, e-stops, and more.

Robot Manufacturers Realize Increase in Sales

Despite the most devastating disaster in Japan since WWII, industrial robot manufacturers based in Japan saw their robot sales increase in the first three quarters of 2011. About one-third of all industrial robot orders originate in Japan, largely due to highly robotic automotive assembly lines. Industrial spot welding robots, such as the Motoman UP165 pictured, are a common sight in automotive factories.

RobotWorx Has Your Robotic Parts Needs Covered

Whether you are searching for parts for newer industrial robotic equipment or parts for an industrial robot that is a few years old, RobotWorx can help you locate the parts you desire. With an ever changing and expanding inventory, RobotWorx stocks parts for new industrial robotic equipment and equipment that is no longer manufactured. FANUC, Motoman, Tregaskiss, Fronius, Allen-Bradley, Lincoln… These are only a few of the brands that we sell.

Top Five Reasons To Automate with a FANUC R-2000

Nobody likes to move heavy bags, boxes, or pallets. Manual spot welding with heavy welding guns can be cumbersome also. Manual labor like this typically leads to slow production times, waste, and errors. There is good news and bad news when it comes to these industrial applications. The bad news is that someone has to do it.
RobotWorx - Used Robot Integrator
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