Used Arc Welding Robots

Robotic arc welding is one of many processes used to fuse metals. Used robot welders use a gun or torch to generate an intense electric current between the metal and an electrode moving through the joint. The resulting weld is stronger than other non-fusion processes such as soldering and brazing.  

Used welding robots are just as effective and reliable in the arc welding process.  They can use two different types of electrodes, depending on the welding application (MIG, TIG, Flux Cored, Stick, Electron Beam or Submerged).  They can use rods that direct current from the tip to the metal and wires or rods that conduct the current and also become filler as they melt (the second electrode option is typically used with steel products).

There are many advantages to arc welding used robot automation.  Robots avoid dangers caused by manual welding, minimize labor costs, reduce waste materials through greater accuracy, and create faster part cycles.  

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