Arc Welding automation systems increase speed, help to shield workers from dangers, and offer more freedom as workers can load one side of a work cell while the other side is being welded. When choosing a robot for your welding automation needs, consider one from the Arc Mate 100iC Series. The refurbished Arc Mate 100iC robot series offers a variety of options, all of which offer a six-axis design for maximum flexibility and can handle payloads from 7-12 kg.

The FANUC ArcMate 100iBe does not disappoint with its thoughtfully designed features to perfect quality and throughput for your Arc Welding application. In addition, there are several options you can add on to this system in order to further improve system production and performance.When searching for the perfect welding robot to answer your call for precision and top productivity, the ArcMate 100iBe is sure to get the job done.

FANUC has produced a variety of material handling, welding, dispensing, and material removal industrial robots since its inception during 1970s. FANUC’s long robot history has proven that it knows how to produce reliable and sturdy robots with a tradition of quality.The FANUC R-2000iB series doesn’t disappoint with any of its nine robots high performance, versatile robots.

No job will be too big with the heavy duty R-2000iA/210F bringing with it an industry leading payload capacity up to 210 kg. No job will be too tight as this robot arm is light, fast, and compact. The slim profile and narrow design of the R-2000iA/210F helps it work in tight spaces and tackle a large work envelope and extended 2650mm reach. Furthermore, this robot has a single sided lower arm that helps the robot “flip over” and work behind itself.

When you’re trying to add a new automation system to your shop, space is always important. Most manufacturers are not starting with a blank slate, and they have to integrate their automation into their existing space. This means there could be existing structures, machinery, or automation already in place. Manufacturers in need of a small automation system should look at the used HP3XF from Motoman to optimize space in their facility.

The FANUC R-2000iA/200F robot is proud to be in the six axis, heavy-payload, high performance family of industrial robots.  It is paired with the R-J3iB intelligent robot control system that has a quick change amplifier, which takes less than 5 minutes, and a fast boot up time as well.This robot has proved to provide fast cycle times with its first class components, versatile automation layouts, easy integration, incredible reliability and maintainability management, and high ROI.

The increasing customer demands for 3D Vision systems are reflective of the amazing flexibility, efficiency, and quality that 3D vision brings.  These systems offer precise and speedy part pick-ups and 3D profiles for added quality inspections. The ideas that 3D is able to accomplish today were beyond the ability of any computer-based automation system that existed just a few years ago.

MotoSight 3D CortexVision integrates 3D-Vision for any reconditioned Motoman robot to further improve speed, accuracy, and product quality.This powerful software system simplifies the use of 3D vision in robotic guidance applications with a simple point-and-click teaching guide. The interface is easy-to-use and simplifies part training as it can train new parts, whether simple or complex, in seconds.

Arc welding is a process that many different manufacturers use across most industries. While welding is a necessary process, sometimes it can make smaller shops somewhat hazardous for employees because of the fumes it lets off. That is why smaller shops can turn to a pre-fabricated welding cell like the used ArcWorld 1000 from Motoman to not only improve their productivity, but also improve the health and safety of their workers.

If you are looking for a used pre-engineered welding work cell that has a lot of options without taking up a lot of space, then the used Motoman ArcWorld V-6000 is the perfect work cell for you. This welding cell is fully integrated, with a space-saving design that will give your shop many options when it comes to production layout.The AW V-6000 uses Motoman Master Arc robots, specifically the MA-1400T. The design of the ArcWorld V 6000 allows for as few as one or as many as four MA1400T robots.

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