The used ABB IRB 7600 is the perfect power robot for your weighty application needs. With its high available torque and inertia capability, a robust and rigid design, and powerful acceleration resulting in shorter cycle times, we are sure there could not be a better solution! Heavy Duty: The IRB 7600 is truly a work horse and ready to take on any heavy duty job you bring to the line.

The used ABB IRB 140 is proof that ABB Robotics has been in the industrial robotic business for the past forty years. During that time, they have worked hard to foster and develop their robotic versatility. This is evident in the reliable, well-rounded, and versatile used ABB IRB 140 robot. This robot won't let you down as it is one of the quickest robots in its class. Its accurate, consistent, and fast speeds are sure to provide you with the highest production times.

The used Motoman UP6 provides amazing strength, speed, and versatility as it can perform in nearly any context. It is an expert in conquering a variety of applications such as welding, material removal, and material handling.  Take a look at the video below to see just how smoothly and easily a reconditioned Motoman UP6 can conquers arc welding.

The used Motoman  UP20-6 is very versatile and can tackle a wide array of applications such as handling, arc welding, assembling, packaging, palletizing, grinding, polishing, gluing, sealing, cutting, deburring, spraying, painting, and machine tending applications. Want even more versatility? The UP20-6 can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Motoman’s used UP165 6-axis industrial robot is the perfect contender for tackling any heavy duty job. It is extremely versatile and can complete a wide array of applications  that require up to 165 kg payload, such as handling, assembling, packaging, palletizing, grinding, polishing, gluing, sealing, cutting, deburring, spraying, painting, machine tending, and spot welding.

When you buy a reconditioned robot with RobotWorx, you are guaranteed to save at least 50%! So why not improve your heavy duty industrial applications with the used Motoman UP130?  This 6-axis used robot provides the perfect solution with its unmatched flexibility of its  heavy-duty body combined with Motoman's multiple robot controller, the XRC.

When you are searching for a dynamic solution for your next packaging, handling, dispensing, or even arc welding automation job, a used Motoman HP6 will be the perfect robot for you! It offers superior performance in all of these applications and more!It is a compact, high-speed, powerful, robot that can handle up to 6 kg in payload and is sure to increase your production.

The used Motoman HP50 robot series is a precision-based line of robots that has high flexibility and can be used for a variety of options. This high flexibility and adaptability makes them the perfect solution for a variety of applications from material handling, to arc welding, spot welding, and plasma cutting applications.

The used FANUC M-900iA/400L is a long reach, heavy duty version within the M-900iA series.  It is a floor mounted robot that is ideal for heavy material handling applications as it can handle up to 400kg! It’s IP67 rated wrist is reliable and designed to perform in even the harshest environments.  The M-900iA/400L robot is paired with the R-30iA controller.

The used EA1400N is a dedicated “Expert Arc” welding robot purposefully designed to maximize arc welding applications.  In the video below, you can see two EA1400N robots working together in a dual configuration, controlled by a sophisticated NX100. As you can see, there is no doubt that any integration of the used EA1400N robot will create a superior weld and top quality product.

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