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PackBot – exploring minefields and other dangerous areas

Packbot (Photo source:

One of the reasons that manufacturers and other industries like robots is because robots are able to operate in harsh environments that are difficult for humans to endure. PackBot, a robot made by iRobot, was designed with those harsh, unlivable environments in mind. The PackBot is engineered to go places far too dangerous for humans, like mine fields and unstable nuclear reactors.

The defense industry in the United States gets quite a bit of use out of mobile robots like the PackBot. The PackBot has the capability to perform several different kinds of missions to keep soldiers out of harm’s way, according to iRobot’s website. The robot can dispose of explosive ordnance, detect explosives and give troops eyes inside a building or along a route to ensure their safety. By using the PackBot robotic system for these missions, the military can lower the number of casualties during missions in overseas areas.

However, the PackBot is not just a robot for the military. It also has several purposes outside of a defense setting. The PackBot can be used for HazMat detection, checkpoint and vehicle inspections and even emergency first response operations, the website stated. This can make them essential for first responders and safety workers in nuclear facilities and other possibly dangerous industries.

The PackBot has cameras and sensors that work to show soldiers and first responders what is going on in a dangerous environment. While companies like RobotWorx don’t build these types of mobile robots, they do outfit similar systems to industrial robots to ensure accuracy and quality control when manufacturing products.

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