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History shows us that robotic trends will grow at exponential rates when they are cost effective, save money and time, improve accuracy, and show other advantages to consumers. One of the first robotic trends to flourish conducted robotic manufacturing. These robots conquered the dull, tedious, and dangerous tasks that were perfect for automation.

FANUC CORPORATION is still on cloud nine as they recently set a new  world record for the production of over 400,000 robots. This comes as no surprise as FANUC has effortlessly maintained the title as the world’s number one supplier of factory automation and industrial robots.This title is not an easy one to keep, but FANUC is always striving to grow and develop their company in ways that reflect the drive of the global market. They always do it with astounding success.

It is true what they say; you always remember your first. Keith Wanner, founder of Robotworx, remembers the first robot he ever purchased. It was on its way into his home garage on a bulldozer when it almost came crashing to the ground. He remembers thinking, “That could’ve been the end of Robotworx!”As you may have already guessed, the robot survived, and so has Robotworx.

It’s a fast-paced world out there! If companies want to stay ahead of the competition and within their budget, they should invest in used six-axis robots. But, robotic automation is expensive, right? Not true! Actually, by investing in a six-axis used robot, manufacturers are able to cut costs across the board, while also saving time during production and boosting quality all at once.

If you are considering purchasing a Motoman robot for your facility, it makes sense to look into the selection refurbished Motoman robots available from RobotWorx, a certified integrator for Motoman. But, a refurbished robot is used, right? That must mean that it isn’t as good or reliable as a new robot, right? Wrong!Each Motoman robotic system at RobotWorx does have history. That is going to be the case with any refurbished robot.

So, you want to buy a robot for your facility, but you don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to do it? Then you are in luck! Robotics integrators, like RobotWorx, can provide you with a variety of refurbished industrial robots for up to 50 percent less than a new robot system.But, what exactly is a refurbished robot? I’m glad you asked! A refurbished robot is one that has been completely stripped down, cleaned out and rebuilt to operate as well as a new system.

Over the last several decades, robots have become part of our lives, even in areas that we never see. All of those groceries in the store? Many of them were packaged by robots. That car that you drive? It was put together and welded by a robot.

Every business feels the economic crunch at one time or another. However, you don’t need to let economic uncertainty force your company fall behind. It’s time to automate, not hibernate!Low cost, used robotic systems offer a cheap and reliable way to remain competitive in the marketplace. By investing in used robots, you are choosing an inexpensive alternative to relocating your company overseas or downsizing.

Used robotic palletizers can lift, stack, transfer, and pallet build with the best of them.Many companies are aware of the numerous benefits that come along with palletizing automation. Are you? Palletizing robots are capable of consistent speed, stability and movement. They can be programmed to perform palletizing and de-palletizing actions over and over again, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, which improves your company’s ability to transport or receive products.

If you’re deciding to make the switch from manual to automated welding, one of the hard parts is over! You don’t want to be one of those companies that hesitates and loses money, right? Of course not! Now all you need to do is find a trusted robotics integrator like RobotWorx to walk you through building a robotic welding system. However, before they can do that, they need some help from you first.
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