Reconditioned Robots

Our Robot Reconditioning Process

reconditioned robotAll of the robots that we sell go through an extensive evaluation and reconditioning process. As a recognized leader in the reconditioned robot market, we have established a comprehensive reconditioning and inspection process to bring the pre-owned robot back into the workforce as a fully-capable automation machine. This is the perfect solution for companies and shops looking for a quick robotic addition to meet increased work demands, or as an affordable upgrade to their existing automation process.

  1. Reconditioned Robot Evaluation

    RobotWorx will perform an initial evaluation of the used robot to determine that it meets the quality standards for our reconditioning program. Only used robots in good condition with low hours meet our guidelines to be refurbished and resold. We also look at factors such as age, condition, and controller series.

  2. Used Robot Reconditioning Schedule

    RobotWorx employs skilled engineers and technicians to determine the length of time a reconditioning process will take. When the robot arrives to the refurbishing area, it undergoes another evaluation while powered-up. This helps to determine the scope of work that the robot must undergo to meet our standards of performance and reliability. 

  3. Used Robot Refurbishing Process

    Our robots undergo a comprehensive recondition and inspection process with each of the components receiving attention and replacement when necessary. This includes components like the harmonic drives, belt assembly joints, wire harnesses, joints, bearings, batteries, and motors. The robot is also greased, cleaned, and painted. 

  4. Robot Testing

    When the reconditioned robot process is completed, the robot is placed through another inspection. We perform tests that verify the accuracy and repeatability of the robots. We also perform testing to ensure the refurbished robot performs as expected. Our reconditioned robots are backed by a warranty.

We also buy pre-owned robots and robotic equipment. Browse our site for more information about about warranty, parts, labor, and our large selection of robotic systems or call our sales line at 1-740-251-4327.