Selling Used Robots

Top 10 Mistakes When Selling Your Used Robot

Below is a list of the common mistakes companies make when selling a used   robot. RobotWorx recognizes these mistakes and makes sure that we give our valued customers the best price when they sell a robot to us.

Sell RobotWorx your used robots1. Selling your robot on eBay.

When you sell your used robot on eBay, the shipping preparations and arrangements must be made by you. You must determine the best price and may not get the top dollar amount for your robot. You must also wait for they buyer to send payment, resulting in a long wait to complete the sale of the robot.

2. Selling your robot via auction.

Businesses and companies want to buy merchandise from auctions because they have the ability to offer the price they are willing to pay. You also take the risk of you robot not selling, or accepting a price far below the value of the robot. Sellers are usually in charge of transporting the robot to the auction and taking it home if it doesn't sell.

3. Selling your robot on terms.

If you sell your used robot to a company that implements payment terms or conditions for purchasing your robot, you may have to wait a lengthy amount of time for payment or deal with non-payment. RobotWorx will give you an instant quote and we offer immediate payment for your robot via wire transfers. RobotWorx will also pay for and organize all shipping arrangements.

4. Not Selling the robot as a whole.

By not including the peripherals (i.e. the cabinet and controller) you will have to try to sell them separately as spare parts. By including the peripherals with the robot, you can increase the total value of your used robot.

5. Not considering donating your used robot.

By donating your used industrial robot to a technical school or college, you can take a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of your robot. Our support team will handle the entire donation process for you, including contacting a worthy organization in need of your industrial robot.

6. Selling a robot lot piece-by-piece.

Closing down a plant or production line can be quite a hassle. We will send trained robot technicians to your factory to disassemble your robots. The transaction is completed swiftly through one company, instead of dealing with multiple businesses and representatives.

7. Delaying the sale of your robot.

All too often, robot sellers wait too long for a high offer. If too much time goes by, used robots will depreciate in value, and you'll be forced to accept a much lower price. The best way to avoid this pitfall is to have a reasonable price in mind.

8. Underestimating the value of your used robot.

Don't undersell yourself. If you're not sure how much your robot is worth, we can help. Send pictures of your robot to our acquisitions department and we'll be able to provide a quick quote.

9. Not considering your robot for trade.

If you need to upgrade your current applications, we can assist you by accepting your used robot for trade against a newer robotic system. The current market value of your used robot can significantly lower the price of your new robot quote.

10. Thinking your used robot is not worth selling.

We will consider all types of robots in any condition and offer the best price available. Please tell us about your robot by filling out our contact form or calling 1-740-251-4327.